Começar a Olhar | School Films

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Fields of Experimentation

The film school is a terrain of unique experimentation, a distinct context of the classic production process. Its production conditions, from shooting to budget, to team, equipment and time availability are subject to an energy and special conditions that lead us to think about and to look at these films with a different attention.

It seemed appropriate to create a special section for school films, a format we have been receiving since the first edition. For this edition, with the approximately 80 school films we registered, we built two sessions. They reflect the particular vision of young Mediterranean students tied to learning productions, but carrying much spontaneity and freedom.

In the films submitted, documentaries had a strong predominance, often creative in style, indicating a growing development of the genre. The fictions showed us recurrent and geographically cross-cutting concerns, such as the passage of age (adolescence or old age), the position of women in the family and their relationship with it, with the environment, domestic violence, tradition and rurality, gender issues…

Our choice aims to convey the variety of themes and the different genres of films we have received. We strove to create a dialogue between these multiple early looks [começar a olhar] proposed by the students of the Mediterranean through their cinematographic productions.

COMEÇAR A OLHAR – School Films