2018 – 5th Edition

September, 27-30
Cinema São Jorge
Lisboa, Portugal

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Celebrating Diversity
We have reached the Fifth Edition. For the fifth time we take up the challenge of organising a cinema festival that brings together films from different Mediterranean countries. To show the social and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean region through cinema continues to be an exciting endeavour, which offers new insights and perspectives every year.
Our choice of focusing on the cinema made by women from the Mediterranean countries brings a peculiar and little known perspective on the diversity of this context. As in the previous editions, the main goal of this year’s programme is to show works that usually do not find a way into the Portuguese screening circuit, thus providing an opportunity for them to be appreciated by the Portuguese audience.
Over these five years the team has kept growing, changing and consolidating its strength. New collaborators gave also a valuable contribution for a plurality of views. Keeping the spirit and the dynamics of an initiative that started as the project of a group of friends, the festival Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Cinema no Feminino continues to grow and is now an essential part of Lisbon film festivals scene.
The programme we prepared for the 2018 edition offers a selection of films and activities that highlight a plurality of ways of life and a variety of views of the world around us, thus creating a Festival that appeals to creativity and awareness of equality in diversity.

Antónia Pedroso de Lima and Sara David Lopes
Festival’s Direction