Pelin Esmer [TR]


OM2014 – Gözetleme Kulesi | Watchtower

Pelin Esmer studied anthropology at the social sciences department of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. She made her first short documentary, KOLEKSIYONCU (The Collector) about her uncle Mithat Esmer, who is also the main character of her first fiction feature, 10 TO 11 (2009). Her 2005 work,  OYUN, was filmed in Arslanköy and documents the efforts of a group of peasant women who produce a play based on their lives.

Her 2012 film, GÖZETLEME KULESI, earned five awards, including Best Director at the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival.

2012 – GÖZETLEME KULESI | Watchtower
2009 – 10 TO 11
2005 – OYUN (doc)
2002 – KOLEKSIYONCU (The Collector) (doc)