A Menina Parada

8ª EDIÇÃO – OM2021
||||||| DOM 14 NOV • 14H30 • SALA 2

Joana Toste
Portugal Anim 2021  9’

Uma menina perde-se da mãe e recusa-se a sair do mesmo lugar. Um polícia impede todos os outros de a levarem dali. A menina parada e o polícia que a guarda param o trânsito e agitam os corações da cidade.

A little girl is lost and refuses to move. A policeman prevents everyone else from making her move. The still girl and the policeman that guards her stop traffic and stir up the hearts of the city.

Argumento Screenplay Sara Monteiro
Produção Production Sardinha em Lata – Nuno Beato, Diogo Carvalho
Montagem Editing Vanessa Namora Caeiro
Direcção de Arte Art Director Joana Toste
Música Original Original Music João Lucas
Som Sound Design Daniel Camalhão
Distribuidor Distributor AGÊNCIA – Portuguese Short Film Agency

Prémios Awards
Melhor Filme Infantil, World Festival of Animated Film, Bulgária
Festivais Festivals
Ottawa Intl Animation Festival, Canadá | Animafest – World Festival of Animated Films Zagreb, Croácia || PORTUGAL Monstra Lisboa Animated FF | Curtas Vila do Conde IFF | A gosto de Verão | MONSTRA à Solta, Maus Hábitos | Linoleum Intl Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Ucrânia | Hong Kong Kids IFF

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DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT Do not forget the old tradition of tales and narratives, with the spectator’s challenge to learn a moral conclusion. The starting point is a child’s abandonment. It is unusual, almost absurd, but because it happens, it accentuates what will be the narrative of the film, a practically delirious sequence with the paradoxical nexus of the absurd and unpredictable. Powerful metaphors follow from the current society, exemplified by impatient drivers’ insensitivity, by the opportunism and media of politicians; for the uncultured superficiality of some media; for the pretentious ridicule of some fast-culture creators, for the empty television debate; etc. The graphics go hand in hand with the style and nature of the argument: the visual chaos accentuates the intention where the limits of the elements are not well assumed, representing this uncontrolled connection of realities. The vivid colours refer to the joy of building and the euphoria of a collective in unison. In contrast, the characters’ design refers to a pseudo-ingenuity that punctuates the film’s entire story. The notions that society does not always follow a norm or logic, that we advance more out of curiosity and desire to build new realities than in the image of the old tradition of good stories where everything can end well and that, even in almost circumstances absurd “whatever works”, leads us to explore once again the director’s usual message: “we don’t fucking control anything on this planet”.