An Attempt

8ª EDIÇÃO – OM2021
QUI 11 NOV • 16H • SALA 3

Pamela Nassour
Líbano Fic 2021 18’

Tal como todo o povo libanês, Alfred, um professor do ensino secundário, tenta adaptar-se à nova realidade socio-política causada pela Revolução de Outubro libanesa. Bombardeado pelos meios de comunicação social, acaba por se juntar aos seus alunos na rua para protestar, numa tentativa de mudança.

Just like all the Lebanese people, Alfred, a high-school teacher, tries to adapt to the new socio-political situation caused by the Lebanese October Revolution. Bombarded by the media, he ends up joining his students in protests, in an attempt to bring change.

Argumento e Produção Screenplay and Production Pamela Nassour
Fotografia e Montagem Cinematography and Editing Moris Zoghby
Direcção de Arte Art Director Martha Moussallem
Música Original Original Music Jimmy Mannah
Som Sound Design Marc Abou Farhat
Com With Josef Chemaly
Distribuidor Distributor MAD Solutions


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DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT As its title mentions, “An Attempt” represents every Lebanese citizen who believed and still believes in making a change. Affected by what has happened in the Lebanese October Revolution, this film is based on real events and projects the fear and hopes of the Lebanese people. Alfred, the main character, is also based on a real person; a high school teacher who believes that his students must very well understand what a real revolution means. Being a rebel at heart, I was inspired by my previous teacher, also named Alfred, who at the time was responsible of my “political baptism” and got me to aim for a better Lebanon. This film speaks for every Lebanese. It portrays everyone. The audience will identify with each and every character. It is a perfect representation of our everyday life routine back in 2019. For that, I aim to represent an uneasy visual language. Hand held camera movements are the dominant visual aesthetic, along with lots of silent moments for the characters and a focus on the surrounding sounds and voices, to get to know more about the situation of the Lebanese people. This film is an expression of a desired change, and motivator for hope.