As You Can See | Zaye Manti Chayfa

26 NOV – 10 DEZ | FILMIN

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As You Can See Zaye Manti Chayfa

Ghada Fikri
Egipto | documentário | 2019 | 7’

Poderão as linhas da mão conter histórias? Que memórias conservam os sulcos? Ghada convida a mãe a reflectir sobre a sua vida enquanto nos leva numa exploração poética das mãos da mãe: as mãos que criaram cinco filhos quase sozinha. Por que razão, pergunta Ghada, deverá alguém desistir das suas mãos por aqueles que ama?

Can the lines on the palm of a hand hold stories? What memories keep the grooves? Ghada invites her mother to reflect on her life and embarks on a poetic exploration of her mother’s hands: the hands that raised five children almost single handedly. Why, Ghada asks, should someone have to give up their hands for those they love?

Argumento, Produção, Fotografia, Montagem Screenplay, Production, Cinematography, Editing Ghada Fikri
Música Original Original Music Bob Bradley e Thomas Balmforth
Som Sound Design Hady Bassiony

Prémios Awards
Prémio de Melhor Documentário, Narrativa Original, Short FF, Dubai | Melhor Documentário, Minikino Bali IFF, Indonésia


Nota da Realizadora
Coming from a big family and being the oldest of 5 siblings, as a child I remember my mother talking about how it’s nice that she has 4 girls and one day we’ll take over the house chores and she won’t have to do everything anymore. In our culture, you typically don’t move out of your parent’s house unless you’re getting married. Her 4 daughters are all older than 20 now, none of us are married, we’re all living with my mom and she still does everything for everyone. My mother was a doctor, she went on maternity leave when she had her second child, she stayed on an unpaid maternity leave that she renewed for 26 years and just this year she re- tired. With this film I’m trying to understand why would she sacrifice all this. In her hands I see years, responsibilities, a sacrificed career, life choices, that I don’t think if I ever had kids, I would give all this up for them. I think I can never live up to the definition of motherhood she’s set for me, and so I feel like I’m too selfish to have kids and I don’t understand that level of sacrifice. I hate that she spoils us, I hate that she takes on more than she should, because I love her, so I hate when I feel like we’ve gotten used to how she indulges everyone. And when I see the way her hands ache her and the way they look, there is something very specific about them, something connected to her being a woman, and not just a woman, but an Egyptian mother and housewife.