Blink of an Eye


Rebecca Antoine Samarani

Líbano Anim 2022 3’

Na escola, a campainha toca para o recreio. Uma criança com deficiência visual e auditiva segue os colegas que correm para o pátio. Sem perceber que é diferente, tenta integrar-se e falha sempre. Mas quando aceita a sua realidade e abraça o seu potencial, a criança embarca numa viagem a lugares maravilhosos, para espanto e admiração dos colegas.

The school bell rings. A child with vision and hearing impairment follows his classmates as they rush to play. Unaware that he is different, he tries to integrate with his surroundings and fails every time. Once he accepts his reality and embraces his potential, the child takes a journey to wonderful places, to the astonishment and admiration of his friends.

Argumento Screenplay Rebecca Antoine Samarani
Produção Production Rebecca Antoine Samarani
Fotografia Cinematography Animation film
Montagem Editing Rayane Saad
Música Music Rafael Krux, Gorgeous Fantasy Fantasy Fairy Tale
Direcção de Arte Art Design Rebecca Antoine Samarani
Design de Som Sound Design Rayane Saad
Animação Animation Rebecca Samarani
Animação 2D Animation Charles Kosseify Story Consultant Fadi Syriani
Distribuidor Distributor Rebecca Samarani

Estreia Nacional Portuguese Première

Prémios Awards
Prémio Merit Disability Issues and Animation, Accolade Global Film Competition, EUA
Festivais Festivals
Filmets Badalona FF, Espanha | Cleveland IFF [Estreia Internacional], EUA | Beirut Intl Woman FF, Líbano | Cabriolet FF, Líbano


Nota da Realizadora Director’s Statement
In my teenage, I used to always find myself isolated and not able to be part of any activity. I was constantly being bullied by my friends and teachers. Which broke me down at every turn. What has devastated me the most is that I trusted them and that’s how they treated me Hence, I asked myself why I am incapable to integrate and be part of who surrounds me like my other friends.  One of these days, at school, when I was 15 my classmates laughed in class at a story they shared with one another. I was the only one there who neither laughed nor reacted. That’s where I questioned Myself why I didn’t laugh as well. Am I stupid? Then, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t hear a word from the told story.  On that day I came back home and told my mother about the urge to go to an audiologist to check my hearing. The doctor, my parents, and I were surprised to find out that I suffer from significant hearing impairment. That’s when I figured out that I am diagnosed with Harboyan syndrome, a disorder affecting vision and hearing, both progressively deteriorating with age.  However, I didn’t lose hope… I completed my education and obtained a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in visual and communication arts.  Two years ago, when my vision started gradually declining I had a strong desire to direct this film because my aims are to reach Social advocates, Governments, NGOs, parents, and even children and schools.  The chosen audience can play a key role in raising awareness, removing barriers, and promoting social inclusion for people with disability. The disability that is getting in the way of them fulfilling their simple or wildest dreams, or simply enjoying their lives.  And to raise awareness about taking the same importance that partial disabilities are also disabilities like total disabilities. Because people with impairments face different problems and fight every day to become part of their surroundings.


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