Finding Home; Syrian mothers; refugees

Nour Altallaa, 22, and her husband, Yousef Alarsan, 27, at at home with baby Rahaf, 2.5 months, at a hotel outside Thessaloniki, Greece. Nour Altallaa, 22, is from Deir Ezzour, and fled with her husband Yousef when fighting flared last year. Nour was pregnant by the time they found a smuggler willing to take them to Greece, but she didn’t know it at the time. Noor’s parents are still in Syria, and she is terrified to be having her first baby in Greece, alone. “In Syria, you have your mother, your mother in law, to look after you and tell you what to expect. They show you how to take care of your baby. Here there is no one to help me.”(Credit: Lynsey Addario — Verbatim for Time)