Sarah Safieddine
Líbano Fic 2022 18’

Depois de salvar um peixe, Khalil tenta guardá-lo em casa num local seguro, à revelia do pai. Khalil e a mãe são vítimas de violência doméstica, o que faz do peixe a sua única saída. Conseguirá ele salvá-lo?

After Khalil saves a fish, he tries to find a safe spot for it in his house whilst hiding it from his father. Khalil and his mother are victims of domestic violence, which makes the fish his only escape. Will he manage to save it?

Argumento Screenplay Sarah Safieddine
Produção Production Nadia Ahmad/ Sara Safieddine/ Ghada Kassir
Fotografia Cinematography Hussein Zbib
Montagem Editing Sarah Safieddine
Música Music Jack Berro/ Fady Sabra
Direcção de Arte Art Design Kawthar Bazzoun
Design de Som Sound Design Hasan Hariri
Com With Ali Sleiman/ Georgina Eid/ Shadi Shamas
Escola School LOYAC LEBANON filmcamp

Estreia Europeia  European Première

Prémios Awards
Prémio Promoting Peace in World of Women Film Fair Middle East, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Festivais Festivals
Lebanese FF, Austrália || Líbano Beirut Intl Woman FF | Tripoli FF | Cinema for Peace Festival

Nota da Realizadora Director’s Statement

In april 13, 2011 Latifa Kassir was murdered by her husband. Her body was discovered by her 2 children. Jana, 9 years old, and Khalil 6 years old after coming home from school. For me, this story has always haunted my life, especially that Latifa was my aunt. I’ve seen her children grow up, and I lived with them. After the murder, Khalil kept asking about a fish he left in that house, always wondering whether it might still be alive if he returned. In the funeral, Khalil didn’t cry, neither did Jana; and this drew my attention. I wondered what all of this actually meant for them. Knowing that, I felt that a scenario should be written about this story. And since there are numerous films, movies, and documentaries showing the lives of oppressed women, I felt like it’s time to show the life of Khalil, the child who had to live such a reality. As a result, “Khalil” a fiction scenario, adapted from a true story, about this child and his fish.


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