Olhares for Kids 2016

Digitalização 10aThe little ones and their families also have a special space in the programme of Olhares do Mediterrâneo.

Big part of Sunday is reserved to a programme more suited to the younger ones and their families.

We start with Maria Remédio’s Cinema Ateliers. Maria, who has a vast experience in this sort of ateliers in various festivals, will guide the children in as exploratory journey in the realms of cinema. In room 2, from 11am  to 12.30pm this atelier is oriented for kids in the company of a grown up. It can be the mother, the father, the older sibling, the grandmother or uncle… In this atelier they will work one of the short films of the Short-Film session of the afternoon, Una Aventura de Miedo.

This short-film family suited session starts at 2.30pm. We made a point in grupping together all the films that could be seen by a younger public, but the films themselves are not childish at all. They are films in which children are the main stars and present themes with which they can relate to, from the old lady that puts some trousers and goes riding a bike to a girl whose main and only friend is a wolf hand puppet or the boy who goes looking for his father in the Sanduíche Islands.! Essencially you can see 8 short-films which will hopefully delight you, whatever your age is.

One of the directors will be there to present her film. Here is another opportunity always cherished by the little ones: an autograph!

After the films, some opportunity to learn how to make delicious and – yes, healthy!! – desserts with Sara Oliveira.

During the whole day, right after 10am, there’s also a space of discovery, in the Leituriawith books for all ages and other treats.

However, there are some things you can do with the little ones Saturday. Let yourselves be transported to Morroco for a delicious morrocan tea or listen to a  women’s choral.

  • All activities suitable for families have the tag FamíliasFamilies
  • The Short-Film family suited session is suitable for 6 years olds
  • All films are subtitled in English and Portuguese
  • Price list here.

Illustration by Bea, 5 years old




18h | Foyer
Morrocan Tea Cerimony

8.30pm | Foyer
Coro Feminino de Lisboa


11am | Room 2
Olhares em Pequenino
Workshop for children and parents
Maria Remédio

2.30pm | Room 3
Crin-Crin | France
Gueule de Loup | France
Galope | Portugal
Le Grand Jeu | France
Istruzioni per l’Uso | France
L’Homme de l’Ile Sandwich | France
Dona Fúnfia, 1ª etapa da Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta * | Portugal
Una aventura de Miedo * | Spain

4.30pm | Foyer
Nem Acredito que é Saudável!
Dessert workshop
Sara Oliveira

10am-8pm | Foyer

* Q&A
* Film supported by Embaixada de Espanha in Portugal