Leila Kilani [MA]


OM2014 – Sur la Planche

Born in 1970 in Casablanca (Morocco). She studied Economy in Paris, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Mediterranean History and Civilisation, and prepared a thesis at L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales.
A freelance journalist since 1997, she started out making acclaimed documentaries in 2000 including TANGIERS, THE BURNERS’ DREAM (“Tanger, Le rêve des brûleurs”, 2002) about candidates for immigration to Europe, ZAD MOULTAKA, PASSAGES (2003), D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS, a documentary on the industrial memory in France and OUR FORBIDDEN PLACES (2009) on the Equity and Reconciliation Commission launched in 2004 by the King of Morocco to investigate state violence.
SUR LA PLANCHE (2011) was her first feature film and was screened at Directors Fortnight in Cannes in 2011.
She shares her time between Paris and Tangiers.