Malika Zairi [MA, FR]


OM2016Mohamed, le Prénom

My name is Malika ZAIRI, I ‘m 43 years old. I was born on February 23, 1973 in Paris. I have Moroccan immigrant parents and I have dual nationality ( French and Moroccan ).

Coming from a family of 9 children, i have 3 sisters and 5 brothers, and I am in the middle of my family. I always liked to write. When I was a child, I was already the public writer of my family. I was reading and translating for my parents, invoices, letters coming home. Social relations have always interested me. So, I became a social worker. I spent more than 15 years to work for the French Government as social worker. My missions were essentially help the poor, needy families, abused children and women. I also had teaching assignments to teenagers in difficulties.

After raising my twins alone, and as they are adults now following studies in Medecine and Laws Universities, I decided to follow my social work across another way. Make a movie is a wonderful tool to do social work differently to get messages.

After my first movie FROM ONE WORLD TO ANOTHER ONE, about schizophrenia in society, i decided to do my second film to bring a peace message in this hard time of life