Memoir of a Veering Storm


Sofia Georgovassili
Grécia Fic 2022 14’

É uma manhã de Setembro. Uma tempestade está prestes a rebentar. Uma mãe leva uma menina à escola de manhã, mas ao fim do dia, recolhe uma mulher. Anna, uma rapariga de quinze anos, sai da escola às escondidas e, com a ajuda do namorado, vai ao hospital. Aqui, tem de lidar com um acontecimento que a atirará para a idade adulta.

It’s a September morning. A storm is about to break. A mother drives a girl to school in the morning but at the end of the school day picks up a woman. Anna, a fifteen-year-old girl sneaks out of school, and accompanied by her boyfriend she goes to a hospital. There, she has to face an event that will force her into adulthood.

Argumento Screenplay Sofia Georgovassili
Produção Production Stelios Cotionis, Sofia Georgovassili
Fotografia Cinematography Tudor Panduru
Montagem Editing Giorgos Zafeiris
Música Music Jay Glass Dubs
Design de Som Sound Design Persefoni Miliou
Com With Daphne Peel, Maria Kallimani, Konstantinos Sideris, Stefania Sotiropoulou, Nikos Hatzopoulos, Elena Mengreli ​
Distribuição Distribution Lights On

Prémios Awards
Melhor Curta-Metragem dos Balcãs, Tirana FF, Albânia | Melhor Acção ao Vivo, Grand Prix, Jeonju Intl Short FF, Coreia do Sul | Menção Honrosa, Los Angeles Greek IFF, EUA | Melhor Curta-Metragem, Vicoli Corti, Itália | Melhor Actriz (Daphne Peel), Menção Especial Melhor Realização, Sulmona IFF, Itália | Melhor Argumento, Castrovillari FF, Itália | Nomeação para os European Film Academy Awards 2022, ​DokuFest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo | ​Melhor Curta-Metragem, Riga Intl Short FF 2ANNAS, Letónia | Golden Fireball Award – Melhor Curta Internacional, Kaohsiung FF, Taiwan
Festivais Festivals
Exibido em mais de 35 festivais em Screened at more than 35 festivals in Alemanha [Estreia Mundial World Premiere Berlinale Generation, Berlin IFF | Áustria | China | Coreia do Sul | Croácia | Eslovénia | Espanha | EUA | França | Finlândia | Grécia | Hungria | Itália | Macedónia do Norte | México | Países Baixos | Portugal [Curtas Vila do Conde – IFF] | Reino Unido | Roménia | Sérvia

Nota da Realizadora Director’s Statement
I started writing Memoir of a Veering Storm, after a friend of mine told me of a similar experience at the tender age of fifteen, when his girlfriend got pregnant by accident. With the help of an adult friend, the two kids visited a hospital in order for the girl to have an abortion. All this happened on a normal weekday between her mother escorting her to and from school as usual. I was deeply moved by this real-life event and by the cinematic possibilities of this circular story. I also had had such an experience of a termination at a young age. In the film, my friend’s story is amalgamated with my own subjective experience. The space of these eight school hours becomes the greatest void of all: a gap of understanding and communication pervades both the family and the social environment. In the last couple of years we are all witness to the struggle of women in countries like Poland, Argentina, Hungary and lately Greece, to protect their inalienable right to self-determination through their reproductive rights, expressed by the motto ‘my body, my choice’. Something that shows us that both bodily autonomy and freedom of choice are still in question even today when we take such things for granted. Be that as it may, I chose not to dwell on the social impact a story like that has. I wanted the Memoir of a Veering Storm to observe and depict the effect of such an event on the psyche of a particular young girl who decides to face an abortion, with the company of her same age boyfriend, on the day that a Mediterranean cyclone is closing in on the town. The story, unfolding within the timeframe of a day, follows this girl and shares her journey and her feelings. It portrays, in a stark but understated way, a coming-of-age story. A journey that many women amongst us have lived through.


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