Merième Addou [MA]


OM2015 – Pirates of Salé

Born in Morocco, Merième Addou lives and works in Rabat. She has also been a Producer for Camino Media, a Moroccan production company based in Rabat. From 2005 – 2008, Merième worked as assistant to the BBC correspondent in Morocco. She has worked as a correspondent for Kuwait TV and as an AP for Al Jazeera International. She has also acted as a freelance Producer for ADTV, Qatar TV, BBC 2, Radio 4, Time Magazine, the Financial Times, BBC World, SABC, National Geographic Magazine, Fox News, CNN, and Bloomberg. She has produced a documentary for Moroccan national television about Orson Welles and his relationship with the city of Essouaira, and a series of programmes about Moroccan women in history. She has just completed an MA in Documentary Film at the University of Tetouan. Merième worked as Associate Producer on Rosa Rogers first feature documentary, and PIRATES OF SALÉ is her own first feature doc, co-directed with Rosa Rogers.