Suha Arraf [PS]

OM2015 – Villa Touma

Director, Screenwriter and Producer
Suha Arraf was born in the Palestinian village of Melyia, near Lebanon. She began
her filmmaking career as documentary producer. Her film WOMEN OF
HAMAS [2010] received 13 awards at international film festivals. Suha’s first two
screenplays, THE SYRIAN BRIDE [2004] and THE LEMON TREE [2008], both
directed by Eran Riklis, received international acclaim, with the latter winning
Best Screenplay at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. In 2014 Suha was listed in
Variety Magazine’s “Top 10 Screenwriters to Watch”.

2004 – Good Morning Jerusalem. Documentary
2007 – Hard Ball. Documentary
2010 – Women of Hamas. Documentary
2014 – Villa Touma. Fiction

2004 – The Syrian Bride
2008 – Lemon Tree