OM2021 | 8th Edition

And quietly, almost without realizing it, we arrived at the 8th edition.

These last 18 months were a real test to any cultural activity and the festivals did not escape this tough challenge. From having editions exclusively online, to altering dates and venues, spacing out activities or multiplying locations, there were countless creative ways  coming out from those for whom living without cinema is unthinkable.

Last year, in our 7th edition, we thought that we might not be able to do a physical edition of the Festival, we prepared a plan B just in case and we ended up doing a hybrid edition physical and online, having to change the schedule of the sessions two times during the five days of the Festival! It really was a roller coaster! But we persevered, we did it and the audience showed up!

This year, we have a more compact Festival: we have reduced slightly the number of sessions and programmed a more cautious quantity of parallel activities. This year, our minus is our plus and we’ll have a lot of surprises further ahead.

Until then, follow us on the social media, in the press, word of mouth or wherever you catch us.
And show up.
From the 10th to the 14th of November, at the usual place.