Ayris Alptekin [TR]

OM2014 – Kot Farki | Groundlevel

She was born in Istanbul in 1992. After she finished the Fine Arts High School she graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy and Theatre Criticizing in Istanbul University. She has been studying her master degree in the Department of Film and Drama in Kadir Has University. She shot and edited her first feature documentary “I’ve Found a Slogan: My Mother Is with Me” with her crew in 2014. In the film “Clair Obscur” which directed by Yeşim Ustaoğlu, she worked as an assistant editor of Agnieszka Glinska and Svetolik Zajc. She also edited the film “Snow” that directed by Emre Erdoğdu. In 2016, she directed her first short film called “Ground Level.” As a matter of fact she is still dealing with her academic and practical cinema works and practices.

2014 – I’ve Found a Slogan, 87′, documentary
2017 – Ground Level, 11’, short film