QUI THU | 31 OUT OCT | 16h30 | Sala 3
Competição Geral Curtas | General Competition Shorts
Gaia Vianello
Itália | doc | 2019 | 15’
Legendado em português e inglês Subtitled in English and Portuguese

Esta é a história de Emeer – ou melhor, de B-boy Zulu Rema – um adolescente tunisino a quem em criança amputaram as duas pernas, e da sua paixão pela arte e pela dança, que o ajudaram a tornar-se o campeão de break-dance a nível nacional e um modelo para os jovens de todo o mundo.

The story of Emeer – aka B-boy Zulu Rema – a Tunisian teenager, who had both legs amputated as a child, and of his passion for art and dance, which has helped him become a break-dance champion at national level and a role model for young people all over the world.

Argumento Screenplay Gaia Vianello
Produção Production Giacomo Benini
Fotografia, Montagem Cinematography, Editing Luca Nervegna
Sonoplastia Sound design Corrado Magalotti
Música Original Original Music Zomra, Forest Swords
Produtora Produced by AICS (Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo), La Furia Film
Com With Emer Guesmi, Abdelaziz Guesmi, Haithem Sakhoui

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Prémios Awards 
Premio L’Anello Debole, Comunità di Capodarco, Itália

Festivais Festivals 
Assim Vivemos IFF de Filmes Sobre a Deficiência, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil | PRIMED – Prix de la Méditerranée en Images, Marselha, França | DAN.CIN.FEST, Saint Etienne, França | Cefalù FF, Itália | Social World FF, Itália



Nota da Realizadora Director's Statement

I met Emeer for the first time in 2015, while I was in Tunisia researching for a documentary on street art. I was fascinated by his way of dancing and by the story of his life. However, I decided I would not include him in the work I was carrying out at the time because I felt Emeer’s unique experience, and the sheer poetry expressed by art as a means of saving one’s life, required a narration apart. 
The story will develop on different levels: that of Emeer’s life that, greatly disadvantaged in the beginning, not only rises up again, but reaches a goal of preeminence and excellence thanks to his strength of character and willpower; the strength of art as a unique driving power, able to transform human beings and finally the love that bounds parents and children. These forces combined succeed in transforming what could seem a tragedy of a family into a mutual growth and development path. 
These three levels will intersect each other in Emeer’s tale, in the style of a biopic focused on the protagonist. The other characters will turn about him with a special attention to the relationship between son and father. 
The story, a powerful message and prime example in itself, contains great communicative resources towards the young generations, as it speaks a language they are familiar with and is set against a background they know and love: that of hip hop, particularly of the break dance.

A tradução deste filme tive o apoio do Istituto Italiano di Cultura | The translation of the film was supported by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura